3 Excellent Examples Of User-Generated Content Advertising

Did you know (and I’m speaking specifically to business directors, brand ambassadors, marketing directors and advertising agencies) that when it comes to advertising, you can virtually put your feet up and take a long-winded chill-out sesh? That’s because user-generated content is a ‘thing’. Yes, you’ve plotted the idea of user generated content on your ‘mental-advertising-idea-map’, but has your brand really used the incredibly ingenious strategy yet?

Here are 3 excellent examples of user-generated content in motion:

Starbucks White Cup Contest 

Image result for starbucks white cup contest

This clever idea was pitched by the creative team at Starbucks USA. Starbucks customers would take home a white Starbucks cup with their coffee, and were instructed to doodle an image onto the cup. The best doodle received would have their image displayed on Starbucks cups all over the country, and used in the latest Starbucks ads!

Harvey Nichols 

In an attempt to advertise their new Rewards App, Harvey Nichols, a department store chain in the UK wanted to express to their customers that there is a legal way of getting freebies without having to rob their stores. Where did they lift the content for their adverts you ask? Straight from their stores’ security vids.

South African Tourism 

Here’s a ‘local-is-lekker’ story. South African Tourism approached an Australian ad company to create an ad, and an app, for international travellers, assisting them in transforming their ideas about South Africa. It requisitioned user-generated content of videos and pictures at certain locations, posting them on the app to show exactly what South Africa looks like. They hoped it would change people’s ideas about the country being one very large Kruger National Park… and it worked! Here’s the ad they made in conjunction with the campaign.

Making User-Generated Ads Work 

There are a few ways that international brands have used user-generated content to create awesome advertising campaigns, but there are elements that remain concurrent on all user-generated campaigns. These are:

  1. Make sure to engage as many of your customers as possible with regards to the campaign. The best way to do this is through social media.
  2. Ensure that there is a goal that both rewards a customer, but ultimately benefits the brand.
  3. Give an incentive to all your customers. This may be a simple ‘thank you’ for their involvement in the campaign or a discount on the branded product.

Make sure you thoroughly analyse the power of user-generated advertising before you decide on your next advertising strategy. Speaking of strategy, if you’re in need of thorough competitor analysis and ad monitoring services, make sure that you get in touch with our team at adcheck.