5 Ads that Turn Heads in the Insurance Industry 

Advertising in the insurance industry is full of professional, impressive campaigns that capitalise on the ideas of risk and investment in risk protection. Here are 5 examples of insurance ads that capture the imagination:

1. William Shatner’s Tennis Pitch – Dialdirect 

Insurance company Dialdirect used Star Trek original cast member William Shatner in a series of commercials where Shatner delivers theatrical monologues on the pros of the service provider. In this example, Shatner is shown advising a bewildered driver who has crashed through a fence and onto a tennis court about his insurance plan.

In this example, an insurer used a recognisable famous figure and a consistent ad tone across multiple scenarios to build a memorable campaign.

2. Roadtrip – First for Women 

Insurance provider First for Women built an entire brand around the novelty that it only offers insurance for women due to statistics that men are far more often claimants in accidents. Each ad in the FFW campaigns gives a brief lesson in why the company insures women only, using humour, as in this ad where a boyish prank goes wrong.

3.   Ribbons Experiment – Prudential 

US insurance provider Prudential used a sample of people nearing retirement age and colourful ribbons to visually show how long individuals’ retirement annuities would last them. This ad is a good example of how you can make a complex topic – financial investment and insurance – more approachable, as well as visually interesting, without a major ad budget.

4. Met Life Superbowl Commercial 

Insurance provider Met Life’s 2014 Superbowl commercial showed the characters of beloved cartoon Peanuts gathering around one character’s toy piano for a sweet rendition of the US national anthem. Superimposing the cartoon figures on the stadium background added an element of magical whimsy to the look and feel of Met Life’s ad.

5. John Lewis 2014 Home Insurance Ad 

UK department store John Lewis has turned heads for years with its annual Christmas ads. Since expanding into insurance, the company has also created many visually-arresting ads in this niche. The 2014, Toy-Story-like ad uses animation to show the contents of a family’s home become animated, rushing outside to pose for a family portrait.

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