Who We Are

Launched in the heart of Johannesburg way back in 1971 when TV wasn’t around and people still played 8 track tapes.

We’ve spent the last 50 years building our experience in monitoring and analysing our clients’ competitors and their ad strategies so that we may offer them an edge in the competitive marketplace. We’ve kept up to date with advancements in the industry, and by evolving with the market and blending both state-of-the-art technology with time-taught skills, AdCheck has nurtured itself into a prominent ad monitoring and insights business.


What We Do

Monitoring and evaluating advertising across the various media platforms not only gives your business the advantage of positioning itself toward prospective customers in its own creative way, but it allows you to view how your competitors are promoting their own brand. A successful brand relies on data from which to re-evaluate and build a successful marketing strategy. Furthermore, by analysing your competitors’ ad strategies, your business is afforded the information on how your competitors communicate their brand message, as well as how the delivery is interpreted by the consumer, based on your competitors’ messaging output. AdCheck can help you formulate a firm foundation of insight from which to build your business.

AdCheck offers our clients an advertising monitoring service that allows them to have easy access to their competitors advertising. Monitoring your competitions’ advertising not only allows your business to identify the products and services they are offering, but it also gives your business the insight into how your competition has positioned themselves and their communications message toward the customer. This vision gives AdCheck’s clients the ability to identify what the competition offers and what makes their product or service stand out from the multitude. AdCheck’s ad  monitoring  and analysis services are invaluable to any long-term competitor analysis strategies.

AdCheck is a professional team who are passionate about brands and their strategies and we seek to serve our clients by adding value to the marketing strategies of our many clients.

Our ad monitoring service offers our clients online access to our ad database. Advertising across channels such as television, radio, print, outdoor and digital are easily accessed through our user friendly online portal.

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Adcheck’s approach to every client is to guarantee a comprehensive ad monitoring service together with valuable insights, offering them a flexible and custom-fit solution. We embark on all relationships with a dedicated client-centric approach, delivering our services efficiently and accurately.

To be a strategic partner in the marketing and advertising industry by providing insights into brands advertising strategies.

To continually keep abreast of the media landscape and present-day technology in order to provide our clients with solutions and insights into their competitor’s strategic direction.

Angela Adamson

Managing Director

Jean Smith

Production/Client Service

Dawood Omar

Production/Client Service

Greg Avramit

IT Manager

Nadine Loots

Financial Manager