Ad Verification

One of AdCheck’s most essential services is ad verification. AdCheck will monitor that your advertisement is published accurately and on time, with the relevant feedback needed to perform your corporate governance audit. We ensure this through either one of two separate measures.

Automated Collections

  • We receive a copy instruction via mail or web interface.
  • Once the ad is allocated it is verified on the system and confirmation of this is sent back to you via email or web interface.
  • The ad can either be attached to this ci and sent back in digital format or it can be sent in dvd format with the verified ci’s.

Manual Collection

  • Ad check receives agency’s copy instructions (ci’s) via email.
  • Ad check allocates the ad and attaches it to your ci.
  • The data supplied is verified, and if there are any variations or amendments they are reported on the computer generated ci sent with the ad.
  • If no ad appears you will just receive the computer generated ci – reporting ‘ad did not appear’. (then you’ll need to have a quiet word with the agency or media guys).
  • This service is backed up with a page positioning report, which highlights all ads placed for the month.

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