Competitor Review

Competitor Review provides an overview of a brand or category’s campaign executions across tv, radio, print, outdoor and digital platforms on a monthly or quarterly basis, providing the insights on your competitors, assisting you on improving on your own marketing & advertising strategy.

Competitor Review works hand-in-hand with our Ad Monitoring and Adspend Analysis service. Once all the data has been gathered on the advertising activity within a particular product category, then Competitor Review may be considered.

Messaging outakes assist in providing a gap analysis of the communications message, highlighting the product benefits. In addition we analyse the emotional message, identifying the brand’s intention on how they would like the market to associate with the brand.

Know what your competitors are doing and when they are doing it. Make sure you and your business are not left in the dark with regards to brand marketing and advertising strategy. Contact AdCheck to find out more about our Competitor Review offering.





Ad review table of contents includes:

  • Adspend by brand
  • Adspend by brand channel
  • Adspend by platform
  • Creative executions, compiled for visual reference
  • Messaging outtake analysis
  • Summary of campaign activity


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