Clever Advertising Campaigns to Win Back Old Clients

If there is one thing that’s can be said with certainty in the business world, it is that it is much better to retain existing clients than to win new ones. Keeping existing clients happy will ensure trust and confidence in your brand, and will establish regular sales. However, what about those customers that have been dormant for some time? Customers that may have regularly engaged, but have now lost interest in your brand? What ‘above-the-line’ advertising techniques could you utilise to re-attract your old customers?

Invest in Marketing and Advertising Research

The correct market research is the best way of highlighting issues regarding both a brand’s product/service, as well as their advertising campaign. AdCheck’s Ad Monitoring service, for example, will allow brands to review their competitors’ creative executions within a particular period of time. Similar research can be provided with regards to a brands advertising campaign. One reason why a brand may be losing customers is because a competitor might be implementing an aggressive advertising campaign, or new and imaginative advertising techniques.

Other forms of market research may indicate a problem with regards to a brand’s product/service. There may have been a change in the market that the business has not yet adjusted to. A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) assists brands in identifying any hidden pitfalls and problems with regards to the market and your own service.

Fight the Good Fight

After sufficient research, the problems and issues that caused the loss of customer engagement should be highlighted. Apart from improving service delivery or products, how can advertising assist in attracting old customers?

If the reason for the loss of business is due to competition, and the aggressive advertising techniques of other brands within the market, then one should simply ‘fight fire with fire’. By increasing its adspend, a brand will command a larger presence, and those that have used their products/services before are more likely to turn heads and notice. Additionally, brand advertising ‘wars’ are subject to the market’s attention, and a clever campaign attempt to ‘pip’ your opposition will create hype around the brand. Old customers are likely to step up and offer their patronage in support of a brand that they have used before and are comfortable with.

If the brand has developed changes in either its product or service to compensate for an identified weakness or lack of development, then it is important that brands consider highlighting this within all their ‘above-the-line’ advertising. This is very important for those brands that have lost clients due to issues regarding their product/service. Advertisements techniques like these often contain slogans such as “new and improved taste” or “better customer service”, or words such as ‘upgraded’ or ‘revamped’. If any customers had concerns with certain attributes in the past, advertising techniques that suggest an improvement may encourage their return.

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